Commercial dispute resolution services focused on protecting your rights and
a speedy and favourable outcome

With our in-depth legal analysis, initiative and creativity to explore informal means of resolution. Together with experience in all local and federal courts, and an extensive network of specialist commercial law barristers.

Has your business received a legal claim, or do you suspect it is about to? Do you need to take action to protect your rights?

Whichever side of the fence you might be on, legal disputes require careful analysis, and measured and strategic responses. We will be your dispute resolution partner, and will go to great lengths to help you achieve an optimal outcome.

Corporate Legal Dispute Resolution
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Going to court is certainly an option, but not always the best option

Court action can be draining and distracting. We will work closely with you to understand your dispute in detail and explore all "informal" options.

If a resolution is not reached and court action is required, we have the experience and knowledge to fully protect your rights using the court process.

Trusted to help with these services..

Breach of Contract


Disputes under common business contracts such as distribution agreements, exclusive licensing agreements, services agreements and employment agreements.

IP Disputes

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Breach of trademark, breach of registered design, breach of patent, misuse of trade secrets and confidential information.

Consumer Law

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct, Product Labelling, Consumer Guarantees, and Comliance with Mandatory Technical and other Industry Standards.

Building & Construction

All Building & Construction Disputes including General Building Disputes, Security of Payment Act Disputes, Insurance Disputes and Defective Works Disputes.

Corporations Law

Shareholder disputes, statutory demand proceedings, winding up proceedings and various other court applications to enforce rights under the Corporations Act.

Other disputes

Professional Negligence Claims

Property - including Leasing, Mortgages and Securities

Construction - Technology


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Protect your business with watertight standard contracts

A practical guide, with advice on how to comply with the new laws on unfair contract terms

Do you have a strong case?

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