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They’ve stolen our IP, call the lawyers! Actually hold your heat pumps…

The HVAC&R industry is highly specialized and technical, and “intellectual property” is a phrase close to many industry minds. Business owners, professionals and other representatives often invest significant time in developing valuable concepts, processes, and documentation. When any of these “assets” end up in someone else’s hands unexpectedly, it’s natural to cry foul and look to enforcing legal rights.

How could this happen?

Perhaps a long-standing employee departs for a competitor, taking valuable know-how. Or maybe critical business information or documentation ends up in the hands of a trade rival. Before pulling the trigger and sending legal letters or launching court proceedings, it’s crucial to go back to first principles: to make sure that there are IP rights that can be enforced.

Examining IP rights: What’s truly protected?

A fundamental step is understanding that protected IP generally falls into recognised categories including:

  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Registered designs
  • Confidential information/trade secrets
  • Patents

Each category has precise requirements. If your “stolen” know-how or documentation meet the criteria, frustration might abound, but your legal campaign might be doomed from the outset.

Unravelling the web of creators: A copyright dilemma

Let’s set aside the intricate IP questions and assume a hurdle has been cleared – let’s say a competitor has copied your painstakingly created catalogue. Good news: the law recognizes that catalogues can be protected by copyright. However, before taking action against anyone copying your catalogue, two critical points must be established: (1) that your catalogue is original, and (2) the identity of its creators.

Technical designs and drawings: A complex IP puzzle

Point (2) often trips up eager litigants when their legal claims face scrutiny. Catalogues (or any critical business document) usually involve a collaborative effort spanning years, with a list of contributors that can run as long as film credits. Imagine rushing to protect your catalogue, only to discover the need to track down past contributors, potentially stretching back a decade. And once you find all those MIAs, you might have to get them to sign deeds confirming their IP has been assigned to the business. Sound like fun? Well that’s exactly what’s happened in bitterly fought copyright disputes. And it’s what you might find yourself doing if you pull the trigger on your copyright claim before all your ducks are in order (disclaimer: no ducks were harmed in the writing of this post).

Protecting your intellectual property: A cautionary tale

Moving from copyright in catalogues, let’s explore another HVAC&R aspect—technical drawings and designs. These sectors rely on technical designs, often sourced from overseas suppliers. If these end up with competitors, cries of IP theft might arise.

But here’s the catch: who created these designs? And was the copyright assigned to your business? If the mystery author can’t be identified, or if that IP assignment hasn’t actually happened, you can probably guess what your legal claim will be looking like…

So, what’s next?

Think twice before plunging into an IP dispute. Keep your IP records organised—know where your IP resides and ensure your business owns it. Neglecting these steps could trap you in a legal maze hotter and more puzzling than a malfunctioning furnace in winter. Don’t let your IP turn into a “heating predicament”!

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